1. I tried several of those types of websites around a year ago, and found them to personally be a waste of time. The majority of them had a 20MB limit on the size of a gedcom that you could upload.. on that sites that DID allow uploading of gedcom’s. My gedcom database is larger than 20MB. I initially tried entering my immediate family and cousins, but found the whole process way too time consuming. I stopped myself and asked, “What am I even doing this for?” and haven’t been back since. If family members of mine want to view my information, all they have to do is ask.. and then they could contribute what they want or know by simply telling me. Very old school, but very effective… and I’m not entering my ENTIRE family’s data twice. 🙂

  2. I have a family tree on My Heritage, and evidently you all have changed things around.
    I just found out today, that my great-grandmother’s first name was not Mary, but
    was Margaret. I used to be able to go in and change he profiles of my tree, or
    add dates, etc. Now I don’t seem to be able to do this. Why?

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