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Italian Allegati

When I first decided to extract microfilm records from the LDS, I made the mistake of ordering birth records.  What I should have ordered instead were the Allegati.

Allegati are basically records that were required to be presented by a couple who intended to get married.  They would include both the future bride and groom’s birth act or baptismal records, any previous marriage records  and a copy of the death act of the first spouse, if applicable, and any death records of the bride and grooms parents (this of course would not apply if the parents were still living).  Once all the correct documentation was received and the banns posted three times, the couple was free to marry.

So consider ordering these if available from your local Family History Center first and you may just find several other records included!

4 Responses to “Italian Allegati”

  • Sarah Meachen:

    I have been reading the allegati but I simply cannot understand them. The the supporting
    documents placed together with the bann publication. I will be reading and then find
    a document that seems unrelated totally to the banns or surrounding documents. Thanks for any help. Working on Gasperina (CZ)Calabria

  • Thank you so much for explaining so clearly what an allegeti is!! You helped a ton!! 🙂

  • Sarah I am so sorry it’s taken this long to respond but not sure how I missed your question! Please contact me through the feedback form http://www.calabriaexchange.com/feedback.html if you still need help and I will do what I can. Again I apologize for the over sight.

  • Jaime glad it helped!

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