1. I have tried to register on the Cosenza archives site but I get a message that says “account has not been activated. Check out email for activation.” After several weeks I am still unable to access the site. Please give me some guidance on activating this site. It sounds very helpful to my continuing search for my ancestors. Thank you. Iris.

  2. It sounds like the activation link may have gone to your spam/junk mail. Perhaps you should try registering and see if that helps. My account was activated within 48 hours. Let me know how you make out.

  3. michelle spizzirri

    hello, I have found my grate grandfather on your site & have ordered a copy of his information & I’m just wanting to know if there is a site or a way to fined family & records from the years before 1800.

  4. Geoffrey Nicoletti


    The old uncles said we had French blood in us…I read in “Old Calabria” (1915; p.288) by Norman Douglas: “In one single year (1807) a French regiment in Cosenza lost 800 men due to fever…” My great great grandfather Antonio whose son Luigi was born in 1833 (married in 1857 to Antonia Tucci) would have been born around then. I am trying to find documents on the birth of this Antonio.

  5. Cheryl

    I have searched the Cosenza archives for a few years now and have been thrilled with the results. Recently, however, I have been unable to access the images. I keep getting a message that there is an error on the page. Is there something I can do to once again view the images?

  6. I have been trying to log in to the Cosenza archives site for several days. It has been a very helpful resource for me in the past. Is there a problem with the link to the site?

  7. Dee

    The Archives are back online…finally…couldn’t get on for almost 2 weeks. Hope they were adding more records. 🙂

  8. I’m just noticing my replies to people are not showing up here – I apologize to anyone who hasn’t received a reply from me – I DID ANSWER!!!!! Ok so the Cosenza Archives are back up. They do tend to go down every so often. Whether it’s technical or financial I couldn’t say for sure!
    As for records BEFORE 1809 – I don’t have access to Church records at this time but depending on where you are researching they are available from the Church or sometimes the Archives for that province. There’s also the Catasto Onciario [land tax records which could be used like a census record] available for Cosenza area http://gentedimareitaliangenealogy.info/2011/07/16/archivio-di-stato-di-cosenza-catasto-onciario/

  9. Deirdre Catalano

    I can’t get on the Cosenza Archives Site. I note many comments about difficulties with the site so I will keep trying. My family is mostly from Lappano with my grandfather and grandmother named Catalano and Sprovieri. We visited Lappano last fall and took pictures of all the gravestones with family names, including others such as Scarpelli. So I have a bit of information and a few documents and would like to make more progress with putting together our family tree.

  10. Valerie Bonaro

    I am trying to get into the website but cannot it won’t load. I am looking for records from Pedace and Serra Pedace. Thanks so much Valerie

  11. Randy McClellan

    If I currently can’t see images of the documents on Portale della Storia degli italtiani, does that mean they are short on funding or do I need some sort of plug-in to see them? Anybody know?

  12. Hi, my name is Graciela Lourdes Martinez. My ancestors are from Cosenza and Amantea. My great great grandfather Pasquale Martinez, in the 1800 was living in Contrada Giostra Nuova, we tried to find that street without positive results, so, my question is … Did Contrada Giostra Nuova changed its name to Via Giostra Vecchia?. I’ll appreciate your answer and in case you don’t know, please let me know who can help me because my children and I are researching our ancestors and we love every single record or thing that we know about them. Thank you

  13. John

    Is there a problem with the Cosenza Archives site? I continually get a message too long to respond. I have previously been able to access the site regularily.

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