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Archivio di Stato di Cosenza – Catasto Onciario

Cosenza has done it again. Researching your family history has never been easier as you now don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to trace that elusive ancestor.

Cosenza has been busy over the last few years putting their Civil Records online using a combination of extractions and images and now they have put the Catasto’s online for all the Comuni in Cosenza. For many researchers this is a dream come true as they are often the first documented records of the residents of any town available next to Church records.

The Catasto Onciario were records of taxes paid by the commoners of a comune to the City and list all items in their possession at they time. This is what the taxes were based on and were taken in the mid 1700’s. They also list any servants living on the property at the time.

Hopefully other provinces in Italy will follow this example and do the same.

6 Responses to “Archivio di Stato di Cosenza – Catasto Onciario”

  • Frank:

    Iam looking for my grandfather Bruno Amendola military service record RE: FOGLIO MATRICOLARE.
    Thank you for your help it is so very much appreciated.
    frank Amendola

  • Frank:

    Iam looking for my grandfather Bruno Amendola born Jan.8 1891
    military service record RE: FOGLIO MATRICOLARE.
    Thank you for your help it is so very much appreciated.
    frank Amendola

  • Hi Frank – Please contact me using the http://www.calabriaexchange.com/feedback.html form and I will see if I can help you!

  • Diane McCool:

    My great great grandfather Antonio Ferdinando Branca was born on June 1, 1850, in Trenta, Calabria, Italy, his father, Raffaele, was 32 and his mother, Maddalena Campana, was 22. There son Achiile Branca was born 1873 in Trenta and married Maria Rogato Branca on October 29, 1870, in Trenta.

    My issue is no one ever remembers Achile having any siblings and anyone I could ask has obviously passed. I am desperately trying to find more children of Antonio Ferdinando and Maria Rogato besides my great grandfather Achille Branca born in 1873. In researching everyone else it seems everyone had close to 10 children back then. Could someone let me know how to get to these records ONLINE in Trenta? This website was good but has been down for over 2 weeks!

    The website is:

  • The site goes down frequently, which I believe has to do with funding but it is back up now. An alternate site you might want to check out which is REALLY adding records at a rapid speed it the Italian Archive site. It’s not indexed but it’s an amazing resource!

  • Diane McCool:

    Thank you Nuccias. I didnt see Trenta on the website you told me to look at. I leave for Trenta on Tuesday and am trying to gather as much info as I can…. whats worse is I dont speak the language!

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