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Happy Birthday Gente

Gente di Mare Italian Genealogy is celebrating a birthday. Ten years ago today this little hobby site began and with the help of several friends really grew.  While Facebook has replaced forums in many ways the site is still fairly successful and has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful researchers.   Happy 10th Birthday, Gente !! And thank you!

Happy Birthday GENTE!

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful summer so far.

Gente di Mare Genealogy Forum

Gente di Mare Genealogy Forum

Today marks a special day for Gente di Mare Genealogy and for many of us. It was on this day in 2007 that Carole and I joined together and Gente was ‘born’ – but only because of the dedication and help we had from our then small Gente family. To them I will forever be grateful. Neither Carole nor myself were very tech savvy. In fact, our online skills were very limited to say the least. But it was because of the Gente family that we learned and we grew and we created a home where we could discuss our love of Italian genealogy and research. Today, in spite of Facebook and Twitter we still have over 1760 registered members and many wonderful friends from all over the world who continually amaze me with their generous support. I don’t think we would still be here without them!

We accomplished quite a bit those first few years. Many of our members found long lost relatives, traced their roots back several hundred years and honored their ancestors in one form or another. Some of us created family websites or sites dedicated to our ancestral towns [which are hosted by Gente] and it’s been such an honor to have shared these accomplishments with you!

Gente di Mare Italy Genealogy 2008

Gente di Mare Italian Genealogy 2008

Unfortunately maintaining so many sites became difficult [not to mention costly] so in 2015 the decision was made to streamline the quantity of domains we had and began consolidating the info into a few quality sites. We are still undergoing those changes today as several updates are required but we hope to have it complete by Spring 2017. Beginning in mid July we will be holding a fundraising drive to help with some of the costs of rebuilding the sites and forum so if you are interested in donating we would certainly appreciate it.

The Italian Surname Database grew so rapidly it was difficult to keep up. Eventually the site grew so large that it kept crashing the server so we moved the site to its current home. I would love for you all to check on the new home and ask forgiveness in the delay of adding names but I am working on it.

Carole Bienati 1941-2010 Co-Founder of Gente

Carole Bienati 1941-2010 Co-Founder of Gente

But along with the highs came the lows. Sadly we said goodbye to Carole almost 6 years ago. Her sudden passing shocked us all as we all knew how much Gente and its members meant to her. We shared, through the magic of the web her final send off and not a day goes by where I don’t think of her. It was a honor to have known her and will forever be blessed that she came into my life. Thank you Carole. You may be gone but you will never be forgotten.

Recently we also lost longtime member Gil. Gil was an active and outspoken man with a gentle heart who I will remember fondly. He was dedicated to Gente and often messaged me to remind me to check in or to report spam. I will miss him dearly as I know many of us here will. R.I.P. my friend.

We’ve gone through several changes over the years and I’m sure there will be several more to come. Social media has made it easier than ever to share info and to communicate with family or friends across the sea. Records are going finally going digital which makes researching so much easier for those willing to undertake the task themselves. In spite of this I still get several requests for help which proves, at least for now, that there is still a demand for a site like Gente and as long as that demand exists I will keep the site up. So thank you for helping us grow and Happy Birthday Gente!

New Updates to Websites & Italian Surname Database

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve last posted but there’s been so much going that the time just seemed to get away from me.
Today I wanted to touch base and let you know about all the new changes going on in genealogy. For many it may be old news by now – but for those that don’t know, please keep reading.

We’ve streamlined our umbrella of sites choosing to add more quality contact to less domains. The Italian Surname Database has a new home now and I would love it if you had the time to take a quick look and tell me what you think. The old way of adding information and updating lists made it very difficult to keep up so hopefully this will solve some of those issues.

Also, the Facebook pages and groups have really grown! We have over 2500 likes on the Italian Surnames page and almost 700 members in the Calabria Exchange group!

In other exciting news: The Italian Archives have been busy putting up civil records for much of Italy which means no more having to order microfilms and work around the LDS schedule! Now you can search for many records right from the comfort of your home and it’s FREE with no registration require! Family Search has also expanded it’s Italian records and does include some church records. I suggest you check out both resources when searching as they do host different content.
I’ll sign off for now but promise to be back with more updates soon. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

Thanks to GeneaBloggers Thomas MacEntee for bringing this to our attention via Facebook.

Did you know that school districts take a census each year to determine the state’s allocation of funds to each district?….
For more info see:
School Census Records Offer Lots of Genealogical Info

Family Village on Facebook


I have been playing Family Village on Facebook for almost a week now and while I thought I would really enjoy it it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The game is a spin off of a person’s family tree. Players add their family into the program and have the opportunity to immigrate them over, purchase homes, and assign them jobs. They create their own little village.
Ok, before anyone bites my head off I DO realize it is still in Alpha testing but the game freezes often (sometimes for hours) and you end up getting totally frustrated as you lose coins which have taken hours to collect!

What also makes it annoying is that living people must confirm their relationship in order to continue so unless you allow the game to send them an email you can not move them forward (unless of course you actually purchase Family bucks with real money).

The game is confusing at best and too time consuming. I think I will put it away  for now and perhaps revisit it once they get all the bugs worked out.

Find My Past Special Offer – Part #2

Find My Past Logo This just in from our friends at Find My Past:

Our World Cup widows offer for the second England match is now much more flexible, particularly for those of you based outside of the UK.

  • It’s simple – sign in after 9am on Friday, and choose when to use your 90 minutes

You are now able to use the records at findmypast.co.uk at a time that suits you. We’ve been working hard to improve the speed of the site after the overwhelming popularity of our first offer so that even more customers will be able to benefit from it.

The free 90 minutes are available as a single continuous period and will begin the moment you sign into findmypast.co.uk between the times above.

Please note: If you have asked findmypast.co.uk to remember your details and are normally signed in automatically, your 90 minutes of free access will begin from the moment you visit findmypast.co.uk during the free period.

If you need a helping hand with your research, take a look at our video tutorials or our Getting Started page which provide clear advice on how to use our records.

We’d love to hear about any discoveries you make while our records are free to view – post anything you’d like to share with us and our readers on our Facebook page.

Pass this on to friends, family or anyone else you think might want to make the most of our free family history records. Also see Special Offer from Find My Past written 11 Jun 2010.

Special Offer from Find My Past

Find My Past LogoNot everyone watches Soccer so for all those genealogy non – soccer fans, findmypast.co.uk is offering a special deal.

From our friends at findmypast.co.uk:
The World Cup is now upon us and we thought it would only be fair to provide some entertainment for all you non-football fans out there:

Whenever England play a match, you’ll be able to access all our records for free!*

What you need to know about this fantastic offer:

  • When England play, you don’t pay: 30 minutes before each England game kicks off, all the records on findmypast.co.uk will be free to view for 3 hours
  • Normally you would need a subscription or PayAsYouGo credits to view our records – some of which normally cost 30 credits each – so to be able to see them for free is a rare opportunity
  • Keep an eye on our blog for a competition to enter during each England match. You’ll need to answer all the questions correctly for a chance to win, so make sure you don’t miss any. The prize is a goodie bag containing a digital camera, vouchers for a year’s Full subscription plus much more

It’s simple – just register and start viewing.  All you need to do to make use of this unique offer is register on findmypast.co.uk as you’ll need to sign in to view the records.

Visit our World Cup page for more information.

If you need a helping hand with your research, take a look at our video tutorials or our Getting Started page which provide clear advice on how to use our records.

We’d love to hear about any discoveries you make while our records are free to view – post anything you’d like to share with us and our readers on our Facebook page.

Pass this email on to friends, family or anyone else you think might want to make the most of our free family history records.

Happy researching!

The findmypast.co.uk team*All records available using our Full subscription (including the 1911 Census) will be free: Living Relatives searches and Memorial scrolls are not included.

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